...about challenges.

What is there about a challenge that makes it irresistible? Wish I knew. Because I fall prey to every challenge that comes along. NaNo. Mini-NaNo. ScriptFrenzy. You name it, I have to take it on.

Recently, a friend in my critique group issued a writing challenge: write a 20,000 word novella, either romance or mystery, in 10 weeks. Very doable.

So I set aside my work on the rough drafts of Deep in the Valley and Scribbles (yet again) to take up the challenge.

As of now, my paranormal romance novella, Tugger's Down, stands at just over 17,000 words.

Take heart, Niall and Bridghe, Meg and Johnny -- I'll be getting back to you soon...

...about submissions

I've tweaked, corrected, rewritten and added subplots. I've polished, "washed behind the ears" of my two novels, and I think they may be ready for presentation to the public.
At least, I hope they are.

So. I wrote a query letter and a synopsis and compiled a list of agents. And ten submission packets are now sitting in slush piles somewhere in New York City. We'll see if they succumb to the slush or if they rise above it.

Meanwhile, I'll prepare the next batch of packets, and.....

Something is nagging at me. My unfinished sequel to "High on a Mountain" and my unfinished NaNovel from November 2007 have begun to jealously demand attention. So, I suppose I should give in, resume work on those two first drafts with one hand while the other hand assembles submission packets....