...about insanity.

I have to be insane. Yes. That's the only explanation that makes sense.

When I wrote my murder mystery, ...And Night Falls, during NaNo, I'd never tried that genre before. And I said when I was finished with it, after the dust settled, never, NEVER again would I write a mystery. Too much work. Too much like being a juggler, so many elements to keep in the air at the same time, without dropping any of them. I also recognized the folly of writing an untried genre in a high-pressure situation like NaNo. Never again, I said. And meant it. At the time.

So. I have signed up to participate in Script Frenzy 2007. And my genre? You guessed it: it's a mystery. But not just any old mystery. No. I, in a fit of self-punishment, have allowed my brain to develop a mystery/comedy.

What's the matter with me? Have I taken leave of my senses? Am I totally insane?

Ah, well. Please spare a pitying thought for me over the next 30 days as I struggle through the experience of learning to write a screenplay. And a mystery/comedy screenplay, at that.


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