...about reviews.

When a writer pens a novel (or any book, actually), a haunting thought may occur once the manuscript is finished: will anyone like this story? Will anyone even want to read it?

And if the novel garners a positive review, it’s as welcome as a compliment on a child is to a proud grandparent. Grandma can’t help wanting to tell friends, “Hey, you know what little Jimmy’s teacher said about him today? That he’s one smart kid!” And she trots out her Grandma’s Brag Book of pictures at every opportunity.

I’ve been very thankful for reviews of my novels, and want to share them with others…rather like dragging out that Brag Book. So…here are the latest items in my “Novel Brag Book,” a review of …and night falls and a review of Scribbles, both featured on ICE (Intense Christian Entertainment) ezine.

Thanks so much, Patrick and The Alpha Jan for these great reviews!


Tabitha Bird said...

Congrats on good reviews. I think you should be proud as I am sure you are. We writers work mighty hard to end up with things in print. Taking a dip in the ocean at the end of dessert running seems like just rewards :)

Tommie Lyn said...

Thanks, Tabitha. I like your analogy...very appropriate!

Connie Chastain said...

Ah, there's nothing like a good review to make your day, huh, sis. Congrats!