...about Munford, Alabama

I lived in Munford, Alabama during my four years of high school. And what a wonderful four years they were.

Munford is a small community with a big heart. The people of Munford and the surrounding area are an example of the very best America has to offer...generosity of spirit, Southern hospitality graciously extended, kindnesses shown to kith, kin and to strangers, too.

Although my family wasn’t native to the area, we were warmly accepted and made to feel at home when we lived there. And I carried a piece of Munford in my heart when I moved away. I married a native son, and that marriage tie insures I’ll always be connected to the people and the place, for which I’m grateful.

And it’s no surprise to me that my recent book signing in Munford was a great success. Thank you, family, friends, for welcoming me home in such a super way.

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