...about book signings.

I’ve been attending events, signing and selling my books, for about a year now. And when I went to Munford, Alabama last weekend, with the dual purpose of attending my husband’s 50th year class reunion as well as having a two-session book signing, I wasn’t prepared for what awaited me.

You see, I usually set things up myself, and I’m a rather “plain Jane” kinda gal. So when I walked into The Glass House Restaurant, I was blown away.

My dear friend, Charline Smith, and her daughter, Kay Glass, had organized and set up the event. Everything looked beautiful, elegant...a class act all the way, as the photos attest.

The refreshments were scrumptious (thanks, Kay and Earl!), the surroundings were beautifully decorated, and the warm welcome from the Smiths and the Glasses made me feel right at home.

And the icing on the cake, so to speak, was getting to reconnect with so many friends...it almost felt like a family reunion.

So, thanks, Charline, J. C., Kay and Earl...it was a fantastic weekend, thanks to you!

(By the way, we ate Sunday dinner at The Glass House after church Sunday morning...and I have to say, if you're ever traveling through Munford, try to time your trip so you'll be there at mealtime. The Glass House has some of the best eatin' around. Their Fried Green Tomatoes are out of this world, just like all their other selections!)


Lynnette Bonner said...

Looks beautiful, Tommie! I'm glad you have such special friends who put on such a spread for you!

Lynnette Bonner said...

Beautiful, Tommie! I'm glad you have such great friends who put on such an amazing spread for you!

Tommie Lyn said...

Thanks, Lynnette. Yes, we have some very special friends in Munford, who I call "forever friends." I just can't say "thank you" enough to them.

Joy Tamsin David said...

Congrats Tommie! Looks like it was a great time. :)

Tommie Lyn said...

Thanks, Joy, it was wonderful!

Tabitha Bird said...

Wow! That does look really beautiful. Lucky you :)